In this fast-moving, fast-paced world we live in, some issues

lead the way and push us inexorably beyond:

How to achieve my next step? What could differentiate me from the competition? What is the secret to success?

However, some other questions are possible, and the paths

they lead to, are passionating: What is success really?

How to stimulate and mobilize the hidden skills of my employees? How to contribute positively to society while obtaining

economical performance along with the well-being of my team?

Big Why is all about looking at objectives, company and strategy through a different angle: the people serving happiness and durable performance.

Or the contrary.

‘‘ Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ’’

Mahatma Gandhi

Finding our Big Why,

the one that fills with life, as an individual or as a company,

in order to blossom, achieve and build sustainably.



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the consulting

that asks



Teddy Canadas delivers consulting to his close relations and in the domains that match with his values, in order to help them flourish their activity.

In 2020, he created a legal structure to frame this process:

Big Why.


finding Yourself.

As he remains an Airbus employee, he manages some of his free time in order to support individuals and companies with Big Why.

So as long as the mission is compatible with this approach and free from any conflict of interest, he will be more than happy to assist you!


bringing back


individual et collective


You are a company?

And you are looking at a reorganization, opening new horizons or updating your strategy while engaging your employees?

Big Why can help you juggle with your internal and external constraints at the same time as soliciting the collective intelligence in order to define a cap, objectives and steps that make sense. A path that 97% of your employees are likely to follow with the energy of fulfillment.

You are freelance?

And you are looking for customers that match your values, you want to balance your personal and professional life, deploy a strategy?

Big Why can assist in the analysis of your activity in order to identify the positioning and organizations that will help you to produce more qualitative and efficient work, in ways that match with your values.

You are an individual?

And you wish to launch your company, reorientate, reinforce or acquire new business skills?

Big Why can pass on to you key learnings in those domains, and can guide you during the writing of your first business plan.

Change Management


Marketing & Communication

People Engagement

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Arts & Culture

  1. Bleu Ocean Strategy

        W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne

  1. Sales, Pricing to Win, Capture Management

        © Shipley Associates

  1. Advanced Negotiation & Persuasion

        © Canning

  1. Empowered Organizations

        Robert Townsend, Frédéric Laloux, Isaac Getz

Wellbeing at work

An Industrial Engineer, Teddy was immersed since his youngest age in the entrepreneurship world thanks to the family business.

He entered the Airbus group in 2010, and worked in a variety of domains and functions: IT, manufacturing, customer services, communication, sales director, marketing, E.C. member of a 400 people affiliate...

He also punctually gives aerospace business classes at the Toulouse Business School.

Finally, he  has been teaching and practicing improvisation theater for 13 years.



A fresh look

listening to you

Creativity & Innovation

Theories used and inspirations

They found their Big Why

  1. Non-Violent Communication

  2. Business Canvas

  3. Ikigai japonais

  4. Philosophers, inspirations, writers

        Thich Nhat Hanh, Simon Sinek,

        Liisa Jorone, Albert Camus,

        Baruch Spinoza, Bronnie Ware,...

Domains and fields of support

‘‘ Because I wish to have a positive impact

on the people around me as well as on society,

my Big Why, is to help you find and fulfill yours... ’’

I run a cultural association and called upon him for some consulting. He managed to successfully understand the subtleties of our domain. His commercial strategy and management advises contributed to the development of our structure. I definitely recommend Teddy for his competences but above all for his interpersonal qualities that make him someone adaptable, polyvalent, mindful, listening - and even nice which makes it no worse!

Teddy is a very good listener. He really took the time to understand my activity, he adapted to my complicated needs, brought me good tools and adequate methods to develop my strategy without spreading myself in all directions. Beyond his experience, and his advises, he is someone very human and very nice. I was starting completely from scratch and now I know where to go. Thanks!

Teddy passed on to me, not only structuring techniques and business plan knowledge, but also and above all, his willingness to help me setting up my business plan which gave me a great motivation to do it ! Thanks to Teddy, I have plenty of ideas for potential projects within my passionating activity, and this, on top of the business plan techniques. With Teddy, I am sure and positive that you will learn much more than you expect. Thank you Teddy !